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OUR Story

Each Central Defense Staffing Branch Office will be conveniently located for our clients in order to ensure that our managers and supervisors can provide the quick response for which CDS is known for.

The  corporate  offices  of  Central  Defense  Staffing  (CDS) are  located  in  Memphis,

CDS is an enterprise of Central Defense Services, LLC, established in the year 2005. Also under
Central Defense Services is Central Defense Security, which currently provides armed and unarmed
guard services to over 1.6 million man hours of contract guard staffing. The company as a whole
provides services to clients across Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas.

It was actually the unequaled expertise of CDS in the security field that gave us our instant
success in the staffing industry. While acting as a true partner to our security clients we found
that many sought our guidance in solutions for their industrial staffing needs as well. In doing so
we discovered that not only was our guard infrastructure and philosophies ideal for identifying and
placing skilled staff and warehouse workforce, but our unique “assured attendance” methodologies
naturally crossed over and resulted in the increased productivity, beginning with client one.

Central Defense Services was formed in 2005 as a result of a merger between Defense Systems Group
and Maverick Security. Our staff is led by an executive management team with over 150 years
combined experience in executive personnel management, law enforcement, military, security and
staffing. Our management understands the intricacies and challenges of today’s business world.

Today’s staffing environment often requires cutting edge technology. CDS has invested in

industry-specific technology that automates crucial processes like scheduling, tracking, payroll,
billing and human resources, taking human error out of the equation. We continually search for
technologies that move our company and our clients forward, solve
problems, and save time.