Our work and philosophies are a direct  reflection of our values which remain

constant across all relationships—employee, client, and community.

We value growth.  Growth begins with each individual, and in turn, multiplies when

strong individuals form into teams. We believe that organizational growth results

from a thriving base of motivated individuals with vision, initiative and drive.

We value success. Success is built, not found. At CDS we believe that success is

built by defining responsibilities, working hard, and recognizing achievement. Our development programs are designed to empower and reward.

We value trust. We develop relationships with our employees and clients based on integrity, dependability and respect. Because your business depends on productivity, a reliable connection is essential when the unpredictable occurs. CDS remains flexible to the varying needs of all of our customers. Every action, every interaction and every promise is made with the intent that our clients can trust that we will be there when needed most.

Our Mission at Central Defense Staffing


  • To invest in relationships, people, and staffing solutions designed to enhance the customer’s productivity. 
  • To build lifelong client relationships through trust, integrity and dedication. 
  • To respect and value our people by offering progressive training, encouraging individual growth, recognizing outstanding performance and  rewarding success.
  • To design sophisticated staffing plans to solve complicated client situations and contribute to the overall productivity of our community at-large.

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We have seen many who have settled for the mediocre in the staffing business. "At CDS, accepting the unacceptable is simply not an option".


- Larry Carroll, Partner and COO, Central Defense Staffing


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